Beginning its commercial life in 1946, Çiftçi Family has been taking part in fundamental activities in the automotive industry in Turkey making its start with pick-up manufacturing in 1964. Humility, respect to humans and employees, sharing our experience, paying attention to the environment, providing the society with the merits are founding parts of our company’s character. We have been contributing to social requirements in educational and sanitary areas as a part of social responsibility and will continue our supports in such affairs.

All of the affiliates under the Çiftçiler Holding Company presume the concepts of “usefulness”, “compatibility” and “protection” as the pre-condition of all kind of studies in their own field. We always encourage our companies to have all of their applications certified in compliance with the international standards. Deeply believing that it is the responsibility of all the individuals and institutes to contribute to the social improvement as much as they can, Çiftçiler Holding has been continuing its such efforts in many ways.

For Çiftçiler, it is a natural part of their institutional structure to contribute to social, cultural and environmental affairs.


Sait Çiftçi Primary School İstanbul / Şişli

The school building belongs to the governorship of the City of Istanbul. The original building was commissioned in 1789 by Sultan Abdülhamid I. and has been opened as a primary school in 1895 It also served as a police headquarters during World War I and then was once more turned over to the Ministry of Education.

In 1972 the building was demolished and a new building has been erected withthe donations of the Çiftçi Family.

The school which was re-opened in the new building in 1974 was named after the family’s patriarch Mr.Sait ÇİFTÇİ, ‘‘SAİT ÇİFTÇİ PRIMARY SCHOOL’’ and has been operating to our day.

Today, the shool boasts 2 Computer Laboratories, 1 Science Laboratory a kindergarden of 25 students, and 10 classrooms of about 30 students each, witha total of 353 students. 19 teachers constitute the teaching board.

Sait Çiftçi State Hospital İstanbul / Beşiktaş

Sait Çiftçi Health Center has been established in 1972 and been serving an average of 500.000 patients annually. Our premise serves as a policlinic in 16 branches and as a laboratory in 6 branches with around 40 doctors.


Sabiha Çiftçi Primary School Mersin

Sabiha Çiftçi Primary School has been donated to the Education Community of Mersin by the Çiftçi Family well known for ther generosity in the region, in memory of decased family member Mrs.Sabiha Çiftçi. The school has been operation since 1976. The School is home to 610 student, 36 teachers, 27 classrooms and 2 information processing classrooms, as well as facilities for open air basketball and other activities.

50. Year Chrysler Primary School Kocaeli / Gebze

The Çiftçi family being founders and owners of the Chrysler A.Ş. Truck factory in collaboration with Chrysler Corporation which they established in 1962, have built the school in 1973 in commemoration of our Republic’s 50. anniversary. The school has 17 classrooms, 1 scientific technology classroom and 1 sports complex. The teaching staff is made up for 18 teachers serving 1468 students per year.