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Sait Çiftçi, the eldest entrepreneur of the Çiftçi Family, has established Çiftçiler Tic. ve San. T.A.Ş. in 1949 as result of his commercial leaps upon moving from Mersin to İstanbul and settling there.

Çiftçiler Holding is the first company who has started pick-up mounting activities in Turkey in 1964. The market penetration of Çiftçiler has started for the first time with the imports of Volkswagen pick-ups and midibuses from Germany. These vehicles which were brought to Turkey with trimmed and painted bodies were mounted in the service area of Volkswagen in Şişli and their production has continued for years with the latest technology of that time.

Since then, Çiftçiler T.A.Ş. has made a great growth especially in the automotive sector and had been representative of many worldwide automotive brands including Volkswagen and Audi from 1951 to 1994 via international contracts some of which are still going on.

The company has assured its position in the automotive sector by becoming one of the 3 local shareholders of Chrysler Kamyon İmalat ve Tic. A.Ş. which was established in 1962 with Chrysler International joint venture as one of the first truck manufacturing companies of Turkey. After the merger of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler, the company has changed its name to “Askam Kamyon Imalat ve Tic. A. Ş.” at the beginning of year 2002 and has been taken over by Çiftçiler Holding in 2003 as the sole owner. Re-organizational studies are still being carried on by the company.

Çiftçiler Tic. ve San. T.A.Ş. has also been serving as the authorized dealer and service of Alfa Romeo / Lancia / Jeep / Chrysler / Dodge brands with the considerable amount of experience it has gained through years on automotive sector.Dentur Turizm ve Yatçılık Ticaret A.Ş. has been serving its customers as the distributor of the trademarks owned by well known global marine company Ferretti Group.

The companies owned by Çiftçiler Holding A.Ş. are as follows;

  • Autotomotive Group
  • Marine Group
  • Real Estate Group
  • Insuarence Group
    • Ascam Truck
    • Çiftçiler Trade and Ind. Turk. Co.
    • Çiftçiler Automotive Export.
    • Çiftçiler Import-Export & Tourism.

    • Dentur Tourism & Yacht.
    • SUN Marine & Tourism.
    • D Tur Marine & Tourism.

    • Çiftçiler Real Estate Investment- Consulting.
    • ÇiftçilerShopping Marketing Management and Operation Inc.

    • Çiftçiler Insurance Brokerage Services.

Sait Çiftçi
Hikmet Çiftçi